The Greatest Predictor of Academic Success

Academic success is shaped by a variety of factors, which include socioeconomic status, nutrition and exercise, impulse control, or even eating dinner with the family.

But it might surprise you to learn that the strongest predictor of academic success, according to neuroscientist Dr. Martin Gardener, is musical training at an early age.

Einstein famously claimed his landmark revelation, the theory of relativity, was musically inspired. When his brain was studied after he died, it was revealed that his corpos callosum (the bridge between the left and right hemispheres of the brain) was particularly dense. This hyper-connectivity may have been developed in part because of his musical affinity.

In order to unify the rhythm, melodic pattern, and coordination of movement, the brain must do a dazzling display of unification inside the brain to produce music.

Prometheon has developed techniques for strengthening the connection between the brain’s two hemispheres, and increasing the density of the corpus callosum.

So sign up for a program today, and start on the path to finding your own E=MC2. Get out there, pick up an instrument, start strumming, drumming, and singing your way to brilliance.

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