Reversing Aging Through The Power of Thought

You read the headline correctly.  You can reverse the aging process through thought, but not just by willing yourself to be younger, or perhaps, infusing your soul into a painting such as in the Picture of Dorian Gray.

The amazing truth is that meditation activates a type of enzyme that influences the rate of cellular replication. This enzyme is called Telomerase, and is activated during repeated sessions of meditation. A study published through the National Center for Biotechnology Information under psychoneuroendocrinology shows that those who underwent a meditation retreat showed that a 3-month meditation retreat “contributed to an increase in telomerase activity, with implications for telomere length and immune cell longevity.”

The key to youth isn’t in pasting some cream on your face or placing cucumbers over your eyes – it’s in drawing your focus inward, and seizing calm amidst the calamity of life.  Here at True Focus, we instruct on meditative techniques and how to use them not only to reverse aging and mitigate age-related disease and cellular degeneration, but also to promote mental resilience to stress and a greater feeling of satisfaction from life. Even more critically, this activates the cortico-thalamic loop, which is useful for mitigating the symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD.

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