True Focus Adds PDP to Toolkit

I am pleased to announce that Professional Dynametrics Programs (PDP) will be joining our suite of amazing cognitive enhancement products.

PDP is the most sophisticated psychological personality assessment for professionals – it has been validated by the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology principles for validation. It has been used in such industries as academia, banking, transportation, government, healthcare, legal, and many others.

PDP is great for evaluating your hires, building balanced, high performance project teams, improving talent retention and reducing cost. It can also enhance your communication networks, solidify customer loyalty, improve productivity, and increase company morale. Read more about what PDP can do for your company here.

The balance of a good team depends not only on a complimentary skillset, but a balance of leadership and personality too. Contact us today and find out how PDP can help you maximize results in your organization.

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