The Neurohacking Experiments

Exploring Peak Performance With Applied Neuroscience


At True Focus, we are constantly expanding the boundaries of both the level of influence we have over the brains, while expanding our understanding of what the brain looks like and how it functions.

Indeed, these two things are deeply connected – knowing the level of functioning and finding ways to train that brain function to new levels are key components of neurohacking and cybernetics.

In the field of neurofeedback, signals are created that represent brain activity, which are manifested in sensory information that we can understand, then brain activity is trained through operant conditioning – literally influencing brain structures with thought.

In simpler paradigms, we can identify the actions that produce new connections, or neuroplasticity, in key networks related to things like focus, resilience, and self-referential processing (self-talk) – and train them with specialized techniques.

Exciting developments in the R&D department of True Focus are empowering us to see deeper and to influence more profoundly, with paradigms in measurement like EEG mapping, cognitive assessment, and psychometrics; combined with modalities in nootropics, neurofeedback, biofeedback, and specialized meditation training.

The results are not mystical (at least, not on the surface) – unlike other coaching and training paradigms, we consider it paramount to measure change accurately. That means gathering data as a true reflection of who a person is, having them undergo intense training, and repeat that measurement process to ensure we have actually achieved results.

We continue to expand our capabilities, both with technology and expertise to empower even greater results.

That has included expanding collaboration with academia in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, artificial intelligence, and game design. Much of what is going on we can’t openly discuss, but it suffices to say that we are advancing extremely high tech solutions to major social problems at our R&D cluster (Motiv8 Gaming).

Stay tuned as we prepare to unleash our Fall campaign taking on tech addiction and transforming corporate culture through wellness and cognitive enhancement.

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