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Ben Switzer
Ben SwitzerFounder of True Focus
Ben Switzer is the founder of True Focus, and has worked with a diversity of people in achieving cognitive training goals for over five years, specializing in ADHD, anxiety, depression, and brain injury. Ben created True Focus programs after a brain injury left him cognitively impaired. Now Ben spends his time constantly pushing the boundaries of enhancement to drive outcomes like creativity and accelerating learning.

In addition to developing and facilitating programs, Ben also works for Teambuilders International, a globally recognized sales management consulting firm, where he worked in sales support, search engine optimization and web design.

In his spare time, Ben is also Editor in Chief of the London Environmental Network, and founder of Motiv8 Gaming, a tech social enterprise focused on improving the lives of children. He is also a musician, poet, science fiction writer and citizen scientist, experimenting with materials, optics, and solar technology.

Daniel Kharlas
Daniel KharlasWellness Director
Daniel Kharlas is co-founder of VRcadia and director of the London Mindfulness Community. During his past academic life, he specialized in the psychology and neuroscience of meditation for his master’s degree. He is passionate about the use of technology for wellness, whether its biofeedback, VR or other industry 4.0 technologies.
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